Faja with Shorts

$ 10.00 $ 86.51

Compression garment for everyday use. Has 3 hooks for an adjustable fit. Shoulder straps are removable. 

Made in Colombia.

Built in butt lifter.

Assists in the process of post-surgical recovery, for reducing inflammation of the tissue and preventing fluid retention.

Ideal for postpartum.

Compression garments are control fabrics that contribute adhering the skin to the muscle tissue stimulating the healing process.

Can also be worn as shape wear. It shapes the body while applying firm control over the desired areas.

Provides back support , keeping proper posture to avoid back pain.

Enhances your body naturally with flat seams unnoticeable under clothes.

Composition: Made of elastic and smooth fibers (Nylon and Elastane). This fabric also has a combination of botanical and marine extracts that release active principles on skin contact in order to moisturize, nourish and tone the skin.